Why Pasuma Is Yet To Move Into Newly Completed Mansion

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Fuji singer, Alabi Pasuma, says he is not bothered about what people say about him as he sees himself as a focused singer because he has more to offer.

The singer who has been in the front burner of various controversies stated that somebody somewhere could possibly be saying something nice to him while some will be saying bad but what matters to him most is where he is going to.

While speaking further with Encomium magazine on why he has not relocated to his newly completed home, the singer stated that he had to remain calm until the area is developed before he can move in.
According to him, “It's true I have finished my house in OPIC area as you said but because that place hasn't developed, I just have to pause pending the time the area will be developed. Everything is completed to taste, nothing is left to be done to make it habitable. I just decided that when the area is full I will move in. Also, I have got another one I am building in Omole here. I think that one would have been completed by the time I celebrate my birthday in November this year. That's my prayer.”

Still single and looking good at 48, Pasuma, explained that he feels happy looking at his kids and doing fine in his business and as such does not feel any indifferent but comfortable adding that when the time comes, he will get married.