It Wasn't Hard Drugs But Yam Flour On 'Fans Mi' Video- Davido Replies Probe

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Shortly after Davido's Viral Fan's Mi Video featuring Meek Mill was released, there were speculations that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) were probing the young music star for showing off hard drugs on the music video.

However, Davido kept shutting down the claims through every means. Recently, his Manager, Kamal Ajiboye, explained further that the supposed 'hard-drugs' flaunted in the video was ordinary yam flour. He maintained that it was a way of telling people to venture into yam business than risk hard drugs

'The story is basically to dissuade people from trafficking in hard drugs.

The purpose of the video is to let the audience know that since some people are making money from hard drugs, they can also make a lot of money by selling yam flour.

The yam flour was well projected in the video.

It was finally prepared as a meal of pounded yam to be eaten with vegetable soup in one of the scenes in the same video,'

He concluded that due to some peoples animosity towards the star, they just want to create an unnecessary controversy around the video and Davido's personality