Exclusive: I’m Not Dating Oritse Femi, Singer, AdaSounds Replies Relationship Rumour

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Fast rising singer, Ofor Stephanie Adaeze better known as Ada Sounds, was not known to many until some weeks back when she was rumoured to be in hot romance with wave making singer, Oritse Femi.

It would be recalled that Oritse Femi had ended his about five years relationship with his girlfriend and the whole media went frenzy with many alleging that the fair skin singer, Ada Sounds had a role to play in the whole saga.

But acting mature on the issue, Ada has decided to unravel what many did not understand about her closeness with the singer to Nollywoodgists.com. She debunked the relationship rumour stating that aside working relationship, there was nothing else attach to their closeness. She explained that the viral picture that was leaked was actually meant to be the cover picture for her CD Jacket.

Excerpts from the interview;

Why did it take you so long to reply to the alleged romance affair with singer, Oritse Femi?

I felt very bad and was in shock for long. I needed to understand what was happening. Finally," when everyone is talking, no one is talking."

But what was or is your relationship like with Oritse Femi?

Oritse Femi and I got to know as a result of song collaboration, but then he advised me over a lot of things about the industry that I never knew and from that moment I started seeing him as a big brother! So in one sentence, I'll confidently say "Oritse Femi is like a big brother to me" and I appreciate him a lot because his advice has been useful. So anyone who wants to jump into the lagoon because of it, should please be my guest.

How about the viral news that you now live with him, how true is that?

My laughter has no end to that comment.

Did the singer by any chance talk to you about his past relationship and the cause of the breakup because you were alleged to be part of the cause?

If he has or had a relationship, I don't know about it, we only discussed career related matters and nothing personal.

What have you been up to with your music, any album soon?

I've been working hard and hopefully before the end of next month (August) I'd be dropping my single titled '50-50.'

Which record label are you in and how do you tend to get recognized in the highly competitive Nigerian market?

I am an unsigned artist!I don't belong to any record label. I Am in this field because I love music not particularly for any other reason. But if along the line something happens and I gain huge recognition in the industry, then I will also be grateful to God.

Don't you think an artist can only make it in Nigeria when they are attached to a record label?
God says what happens to each and every human!

When did you start music and how will you describe your style of music?

Officially some time in September/October 2013 and I do Afro-pop.

Every musician are struggling to get their way to the top, as a beautiful lady, what are those things you can't do to achieve fame?

There are questions best answered when facing a situation

Can you marry an entertainer either Nigerian or foreign?

Marriage isn't always about profession rather understanding! Neither is it by tribe, colour or religion

What is your real name and state of origin, academic qualifications and aside music, what else do you do?

My name is Ofor Stephanie Adaeze, a graduate and I hail from Enugu state. I run a limited liability company (CGS) that handles all forms of contracts, Social & Corporate Events Management and have affiliation with a Construction firm.

What was your parent's position on your choice of music as a career?

Trust me, my family is good with anything I do as long as it's legal