Wazobia FM OAP, Lolo 1 Shares Scary Experience With Gun

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

Wazobia FM OAP, Lolo, has been away in the US on a stand-up comedy tour along with comedians, Bash, Ajebo and Richest Calabar Man.

The popular radio presenter, during her free period, decided to practice gun shooting with her friends.

However, she was initially scared when she handled the lethal gun, stating that it was her first time of holding a gun.

“I went to a gun range to practice shooting touched a gun for the first time the feeling was pa NaO. I spoke in tongues.

“I did it, the first shot was the scariest but I overcame my fear and I put mad holes in my target but guns are dangerous, my heart was racing throughout but I crossed it off my bucket list,” she wrote.