Nigeria pledges peaceful, credible election in 2010

By gna
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LAGOS, Jan. 1 (Xinhua/GNA) -- The Nigerian government says it remains committed to

ensuring peaceful and credible elections in 2010 in the West African country.

Nigerian Vice President Goodluck Jonathan gave the assurance in his New Year message

to his nationals on Friday in the capital Abuja.
He observed that 2010 represents a watershed in government's efforts to conduct

peaceful and credible elections and to consolidate on the nation's democracy.

"Our elections must enjoy the indelible mark of credibility and acceptability, both

nationally and internationally," he said.
The vice president expressed optimism that Nigeria would prosper "when we work

together, united in a common purpose, knowing that our labor, even if not seen and

acknowledged, is never in vain."
He described the country as a great nation of good people with enterprising men and

women who valued dignity and hard work.
"Let us use this 50th year of our statehood as a fulcrum for our national renewal and

repositioning for a more productive engagement in the comity of nations," he said.

"This journey is irreversible. Let us not forget that even as we grapple with our own

challenges, we are a source of hope and encouragement to many around us," the vice

president said.
"On behalf of the President, I wish all Nigerians a happy and fruitful 2010," he added.

President Umaru Yar' Adua had been diagnosed of acute pericarditis in a hospital in

Saudi Arabia.