Domestic Violence: If You Can’t Endure Anymore, Walk out of The Union…Shan George

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

With recent domestic violence being experienced by many women in their matrimonial homes, Nollywood actress, Shan George, has advised that it will be better they walk out before they are killed.

Shan noted that it is good to stay strong and endure as a wife but pointed out that once it has gone beyond the limits, it will be better for the woman to take a walk out of the union before she gets killed.

According to her, “it's a good thing to stay strong and endure. But there's a limit to human endurance. If e taya you, abeg no sidon there endure kill ya self o. WAKA COMOT.”

The veteran actress further noted that one thing she finds challenging is how to hang around fanatics either in politics, religion or any other sphere. “I find it hard to hang around fanatics. Be it religious, political, romantic, cultic or otherwise.”