I Never Knew I Could Concieve A Baby- Karen Igho

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

For Ex – BBA celebrity, Karen Igho who is heavily pregnant and near delivery already, she never knew she would be so blessed to conceive a baby.

Still basking in the euphoria of an expectant mother, Karen wrote an emotional letter to her yet unborn baby.

She shared the emotional letter which she titled a 'love letter to her unborn child' via her Instagram page.

“A Love Letter To My Unborn Child I write this letter to my unborn child from the depths of my soul. You've entered my womb and made my life complete and whole. I never thought I would be chosen for such an awesome task. It is a greater blessing than what I ever
could ask. I can almost imagine you in my mind.

Beautiful, Happy, Bouncing, flashing a smile so kind.

Feeling you flutter is a sensation like no other. It does wonders for the joy of this soon-to-be-mother! You create a glow in me I never knew I would see. It is true happiness that sets me on cloud nine manifested deep inside of me! You're my baby, my child, my heart, and my wonder. I pray we create a bond that no one can put asunder. You're a designer's original! A creation from the King! I can hardly wait for you to enter the world and see the joy you bring”, she penned down