Media Personality, Ariyike Akinbobola Ignores Local Government Chairman, Spents N18,000 to Repair Her Street

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Many Nigerians are claiming to live a life of comfort and owning various luxuries but yet to make an impact in the society or community they live in but sit and complain about bad governance or failed local government forgetting that the most desired change begins with a step from home.

One of Nigerian media personality and Vlogger, Ariyike Akinbobola, has made a change in her environment without looking up to the local government chairman for assistance or neighbours for help.

Ariyike's street has been flooded for over some time now and was being neglected by many. But as a personality who values comfort, she decided to make enquiry on how much it will cost her to get broken blocks to fill the street which has been taken over by water and after she found out the price, she made her thought manifest as she ordered for the blocks.

She stated that she does not want her car to break down and the mechanic will feast on her so decided to ensure that the road was fixed so as to favour her and other users.

According to her, “So I decided to take it upon myself to sort it out cos at the end of the day, if my Car gets spoilt, my Mechanic will have a feast on top my matter. To cut the long story short, I knew I had to fill this road so I called different suppliers of broken blocks and the different prices I got almost discouraged me. Some called 5 tonnes of broken blocks for 20k, others 15k until my friend Elizabeth who is a supplier of building materials gave me one "Oloye's" number. He gave me the best deal at 9k for 5 tonnes so I placed my order for 10 tonnes at 18, 000 naira.”