Episode 4 of Make Me Fabulous is Here! Meet the Ezedinma's

By Stephanie Daily
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Immaculate and Peter Ezedinma were one of the most lively and fun couples we had on the show!

Do you know what it’s like to be at home alone and bored for a really long time? Not a good feeling I tell you.

Immaculate was newlywed and new in the city. Soon after her wedding, she became pregnant and was bored of staying home alone all day when she first heard of the Make Me Fabulous show.

This was her comment when we called out for entries on Stephaniedaily.com :

My Diva, I got married last year and came to Lagos since January this year. Up till now, my husband has not taken me out for once. He is always busy with work. I am lonely and crying all day which made my Blood Pressure to rise due to my condition (I’m pregnant). Please show me love this time so that I will be happy for once.

Her story stood out to me and I desired to do something to make her really happy. But we had to wait a while ‘cos she was pregnant at the time, and so months after she had her baby, it was time for Immaculate and her husband Peter to have their day on the show!