I’m Not Threatened By Younger Colleagues—Ali Baba

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

One of the most respected comedians in Nigeria, Ali Baba was a year older some days back and he was hosted to various parties by different people. He even got a brand new Mercedes Benz car from his wife, who is a bank executive in Nigeria.

Still in the birthday euphoria, the comedian, reflecting on the rise of comedians in the country, stressed that he is not in any way threatened by any one of them. According to him, he also contributes to their success.

He asked, "Why should I be threatened by them? How would I be giving them jokes? If I were, I won't give them my jokes, and I would tell them not to use my jokes.”

“I make jokes and give to some of them. So, there is nothing like being threatened by them," he told Punch in an interview.

The 50 year old comedian, who has inspired many comedians to stardom, stated further that, "The bottom line is that the day you begin to feel threatened by some other up-and-coming comedians, then you are on your way out. You're supposed to be somebody they look up to, not somebody they compete with."