Read The Annoying Thing Alibaba Did To Bovi

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

The successes of many comedians in Nigeria's business of making people laugh will be attributed to the one who has been described as the grandfather of stand up comedy, Alibaba but another comedian, Bovi will not see the good of Alibaba just yet.

Describing the comedian, Bovi said Alibaba had once made a fool of him when he thought Alibaba had given him some material and given him the go ahead make it his own personal joke.

"Now this is where Alibaba did wrong. Alibaba once told me a joke. He said check out this material. I died of laughter. I had barely finished when he said, 'You can have it'. I froze in shock. 'Bros make I take am?' He nodded with assurance," Bovi narrated.

Arriving at the next comedy gig, Bovi said he was prepared to blow the minds of the audience away but only for him to hear the same joke from a comedian on stage who performed before him at the venue.

But what Bovi did not know was that Alibaba had also given the same joke to three other comedians too. He said he would count the incident as one of the wrongs Alibaba had done to him.

The comedian revealed that he and other comedians nearly fought over the ownership rights of the joke afterwards. The experience did not go down well with him that when he confronted Alibaba who just laughed.

"In no time I confronted Alibaba. He laughed so hard, I could not figure what was funny. But that was until he spoke. "Make una dey wait make I dey write give una. Which one me go come talk if I dash out all, one by one?" Bovi added.