Sammdebby Celebrates 10th Anniversary With School Children In Lagos

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Recently the SammDebby music group celebrated its 10th anniversary at the University of Lagos main auditorium where it was able to bring about 700 young students together from various schools both within and outside Lagos to celebrate the event.

The music group in partnership with Chevron Recreation Club, Gbagada, decided to bring the students together from different schools to display their skills on the use of various entertainment instruments and also get to meet and interact with students from other schools.

Speaking with the President of Chevron Recreation Club, Gbagada, Mr Olayiwola Adeniji, on the idea on why the company decided to support the kids in entertainment, he said it was a means of bringing the parents closer to the children and helps create a relaxing atmosphere for them.

He stated that the idea was as a result of the busy schedule parents are engaged with and as such have limited time to spend with their ward.

Shina Obashola, founder of the Sammdebby music group, while expressing his satisfaction on the large turnout of schools, explained that the aim of the event is to help discover God's given talent among the children while they are younger.

He noted that though education is very key to the growth of every child but pointed that not everyone can succeed academically but will only be a basis for the growth of entertainment.

Speaking further, he disclosed that Sammdebby as an organisation is not out to extort money from people but to help the kids discover various musical talents in them which has been by the Grace of God.

He advised parents to allow their wards to pick up any profession of their choice especially music which is life, adding that music can actually make way better than some of the courses taught in schools.

“Now parents are beginning to appreciate what music can do even in education because it is not all about Maths and English. I am a professional accountant, I went to school to study accounting but because of the passion I have for music, I believ that music can make way even more than these so-called courses.”