The Igbo Conscience  Intervenes On Igbo/Yoruba Misunderstanding; Calls For Truce


The Igbo Conscience, an emerging Think Tank for the Igbo nation, has noted

with grave concern, the increasing negative fallout of the last general

election, which, if not checked, may lead to much more unsavory

developments for the country. Of particular concern to us, as a fledgling

Igbo think tank, is the increasing spate of hate messages and hate actions

that have now taken over the once cordial and fruitful relationship

between Ndigbo and the Yoruba. We note that the cordial relationship

between the two great races has been greatly soured by the process leading

to and the outcome of the last general election.
The Igbo Conscience notes that the negative politics that attended the

last political campaigns have accounted for the degenerating relationship

between Ndigbo and the Yoruba.  We note that the events that are

tragically spiraling into a dangerous exchange of hate messages have now

gone to the extent of some Yoruba groups mobilizing some Yoruba to mount

anti-Igbo protests in Lagos. Equally, we note the concern of these Yoruba

groups to the continued picketing of a Yoruba, Dr. Ayo Ariyo in Dallas,

United States, by some Igbo  over some comments he allegedly made for

which he had been reported to have made sufficient clarification and show

of remorse. We condemn both actions and we see these as very dangerous and

warn that no one, either Igbo or Yoruba will gain from a degeneration of

this situation.
“The Igbo Conscience will not want to join issues with any group in this

needless altercation but we want to warn both the Igbo and Yoruba groups

furthering the ends of hate, division, anarchy, hatred and acrimony that

we will gain more from sustaining, and indeed building, the age long

cordial relationship that has sustained and nurtured our collective goals

and interests as well as those of the larger Nigerian nation for several

decades. We want to appeal to both Igbo and Yoruba to give heed to reason

and end this disturbing needless warfare that will not benefit any one at

the end of the day.
“The Igbo Conscience wants to state that we are not and will not agree to

the destruction of the cordial relationship that had seen Igbo and Yoruba

recording the highest level of inter-tribal marriages in Nigerian history.

If this is not a solid instance of common bonding that automatically broke

down the barriers of hate and rancor, we wonder what else will.  We

believe that soon, both ethnic nationalities will be overwhelmed by a

hybrid of culture that does not tolerate the petty quarrels and unfounded

tantrums that are gradually taking over the relationship between both

“We want to state that we will not pander to any issue that will hurt the

mutual understanding and good relationship Ndigbo have enjoyed with their

Yoruba hosts either in Lagos or any other South West State by either

making hollow demands that have no real practical value or igniting a hate

tendency as a reaction to such demand. We want to state emphatically that

we share common bond of unity and understanding with the Yoruba, either in

Lagos or any other South Western state or even any other tribe in Nigeria.

“The Igbo Conscience wants to put it on record that in the process leading

to the election, one of our affiliate groups, the Association for the

Defence of Igbo interests in Lagos (ADIL) came out strongly to disavow the

hate politics in Lagos that brought about this worsening situation and

affirm the willingness of progressive Igbo to work with Yoruba in Lagos

for a common political goal of advancing progressive politics in Lagos. We

remain committed to that goal, which does not support the rancor marking

the relationship between Igbo and Yoruba today.
“The Igbo Conscience therefore calls for a cessation of hostilities in the

degenerating war of attrition between Igbo and Yoruba, either in Lagos,

Dallas or any other state in and outside Nigeria.
“The Igbo Conscience will, in conjunction with equally concerned Yoruba

professionals and leaders, work to mend the frosty relationship between

Igbo and Yoruba as well as other Nigerians. We call on all Igbo and

Yoruba, either in Lagos or elsewhere, to cease forthwith from issuing or

causing to be issued, damaging hate speeches, inciting write ups and

insinuations in any forum or platform that will further endanger the peace

and unity between Ndigbo and the Yoruba. We demand equally that the

leaders of Ndigbo and Yoruba commence immediate actions to foster peace,

unity, understanding, tolerance among Igbo and Yoruba, as well as among

other ethnic groups in Nigeria.”
Barr. Onyekachi Ubani
Interim Chairman
Peter Claver Oparah
Interim Secretary
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