Reality Shows Fake Promises: I was Never Tied to Any Record Label...Mercy Chinwo Confesses

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Majorly in Nigeria, there are two strong telecom competitors who have gained wide audience through their yearly reality shows which has always been discovering new talents in music.

Each year, new talents emerge with various mouth watering deals to go home with and various recording contracts said to be worth millions of naira.

But what comes to mind is how well do these winners do after winning the prize? Do these reality shows company fulfil their promises or was it just a mere deceit?

One of the reality show winner, Mercy Chinwo, has disclosed that since winning the competition in 2012, things has not been easy as she has never been signed to any record label.

She stated that she has been struggling to make a name for herself in the highly competitive Nigerian entertainment market and has never gotten the support of any record label till date.

“I'm proud to say it's a one-man thing because if you don't go through challenges you won't know your strength. I am not in any record label, I am alone. I have to say the truth. I am not or was never tied to any record label. I get a producer do my song and keep the hustle going. It has been fun for me,” she told Vanguard.

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