Ohakim Returns Home, Says Imo's, Ndi Igbo's Enemies Will Continue To Fail

By Kenneth Uwadi

Former Governor of Imo State and topmost statesman, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has left the office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to his house in Asokoro. The eminent technocrat, industrialist and leader of the IGBO Conversational GROUP - ICG, spent less than five hours with the anti-graft Agency, before he was left to go home.

Chief Ikedi Ohakim who was at the EFCC office few hours past five pm, yesterday expressed surprise that overzealous officials of the anti-graft Agency could go ahead to invade his house with paid media men in order to score cheap points and achieve some credibility stunts.

Having left office as Governor more than four years ago, the former Governor was investigated by the EFCC on the same charges as the present one, as a result of the same frivolous petition sponsored by enemies of Imo State and Igboland who feel that their criminal plans against the State Ndi Igbo would be thwarted by the highly respected elder Statesman. Ohakim clarifies that he is always ready to honour any invitation extended to him by all legitimate agencies of government, since he does not have any skeletons in his cupboard.He warned however, that all public officials, especially those charged with the sensitive responsibility of fighting graft must not allow themselves to be used as pawns, by desperate political renegades, who cling to the smallest straw for political survival and relevance.

A more detailed press statement will be out soon.