Does Peter Okoye Still Remember His Street Tailor...Fans Questions

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

What could possibly be the dislike about Peter Okoye, especially on social media because from close observation about the response he receives on his page shows that a large percentage of the people tend to question things he does every time.

Peter rarely escapes the axes of his fans these days either when he goes topless or when he says some things which might not be widely accepted by many.

The singer shared a picture of himself going to a tailor's shop back in the days while they were just coming up to make their costumes which they needed to use for the Get Squared song and since sharing the picture, fans have rather asked him questions that he has not been able to answer.

He was being if despite his fame today if he still remember or keep in touch with the tailor who had also contributed to his growth.