‘Things Fall Apart’ My Most Challenging Role So Far—Pete Edochie

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

One of the greatest novels ever written by a Nigeria is 'Things Fall Apart' written by late Professor Chinue Achebe. After over five decades of releasing the book, it is still used as literature in schools in Nigeria and abroad.

It was the adaptation of this novel into a movie with the same title that launched the movie career of veteran actor, Pete Edochie. But after many years of taking part in that film, Pete is yet to act in any movie that is more challenging.

In a recent interview with Daily Trust, the actor said, “Quite honestly, I don't know. The most challenging was 'Things Fall Apart,' no doubt.

“It's difficult to tell because each production I get involved in, I give it my best shot, so I can't tell you this is the best I've done or things like that. I feel happy, immensely gratified when people go to buy films and they start by saying give us the one with Pete Edochie in it. It gives me a lot of joy.”