There’re Many Born Prostitute$ in Nollywood—Kola Olaiya

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Seasoned actor, Kola Olaiya, has joined like minds in the Nollywood industry to affirm that sexual harassment for movie roles is real but noted that such happens in all professions.

The reserved actor identified three kinds of women that can be found in Nollywood which he describes as those with the fear of God, the ones who only come for acting because there are no jobs and those who are born prostitutes.

“There are some that were already prostitutes before coming into the acting industry and I make bold to say this. They were prostitutes outside and see the industry as another way to ply their trade,” he told Newswatch.

Not just attacking the women alone, the actor pointed that some men could also be labelled within the same categories he has mentioned.