Why I Don't Insult People...Comedian, Mandy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

It is very common among some Nigerian comedians that before they begin their jokes or in between, they throw shades at some members of the audience.

Though some of the jokes might be very interesting, but some still don't buy these ideas which might indirectly affect their career.

One of Nigeria's first female comedians, Mandy Uzonitsha, has explained that she prefers to throw the jibes at herself than do that to her audience because she does not know those that are sitting to watch her and they might get offended.

She noted that aside not knowing those seated in the crowd, they as comedians are also putting the job of their client at risk as they might end up mocking the MD of their company without knowing and it will then cost their job.

Speaking with punch, she said, "A lady once told me that whenever they bring me to anchor their events, they have rest of mind because they know I wouldn't pick up the people in the crowd and 'yab' them. In such cases, their boss' wife could be yabbed not knowing who she is. Certainly, the job of the person that recommended you to anchor the event would be on the line. I do not insult guests, I make them laugh and they leave. It is better I yab myself and take the money and go than to yab them and they would never invite me again."