Celebrity Stylist, Toyin Lawani Send Warning To Haters

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nigeriafilms.com

With the likely rumours of a split from her younger lover, Toyin Lawani might be confirming that the rumours are eventually true as she has announced that she will only do what pleases herself.

The celebrity stylist who is a delight to the eyes anytime, decided to share some racy pictures of herself clad in her bikini and a sheer see-through chiffon gown.

She made this known when she revealed that she controls whatever she shares on social media though she acknowledges that she is a role model to her two children.

She said, "Na Nigeria you dey wear bikini dem go call am pant and bra free me joor. What is the point of looking all s3xy and you don't post? People are gonna talk regardless, whether you good or bad.

"I am going to be me from now on and do things I like that pleases me. My personality is different from my work/brand. Don't mix it together, ok."