Accra Flood: How Flood Damaged Juliet Ibrahim Movie Set

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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Ghana is mourning throughout the country's capital, Accra as disturbing pictures continue to emerge to the devastating effects of the flood that is rending the city almost inhabitable.

Different accounts are also pouring in as Ghanaian actress and serial entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim has shared her own encounter with the raging flood as it disrupted the set of a movie she was involved in.

She shared a video of the effect of the flood on her set, "So this is what happened to us whilst filming on set yesterday. As we were indoors filming water started to flow in and within 10 minutes the water was already at our waist level. We thank God we all safe and sound. Sorry about all the artistes cars that got damaged because the water was as high as the car seats and we could not do anything about it.

"Pray for Ghana and it's about time the ones in charge do something about our drainage systems. This is not the first time it's happening and all we keep getting is promises when they are very much aware that every year we get such floods!"

She joins the crying voices of Ghanaians for the government to help correct the drainage system in the country so that the repetition of such instances would not occur again. The death toll is said to be more than 100.