Don Jazzy To Sign New Artistes

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Anger is so cheap but that depends on the person involved to be able to manage it over time without allowing it to create unnecessary rivalry. This can be best attributed to wave making music producer, Don Jazzy, who sure knows how to manage his anger in public.

Don Jazzy, very jovial on social media and in public, recently got an lovely but annoying question from a fan who had asked him when he was going to get married but also went as far as asking him if he was a [email protected]

Holding back his temper, the music producer replied by saying there is a new government in place but brains are cheap to buy. “Buhari is now president. Brain go cheap to buy soon.”

The music producer further revealed that though he has joined the league of singers in the country but was not ready to release any single anytime soon.

He further disclosed that plans were on the way on signing new artistes into the Mavin dynasty.