Re: The Petition That Exposed Imo Speaker


When common sense and superior argument takes centre stage in reading and analyzing so many junks and unsubstantiated write-ups dished out by one Samuelson Iwuoha through several Email accounts, one notices that the write-ups are deliberate attempts to either blackmail for ransom or misrepresent and damage people’s integrity out of malevolence or vendetta.

Even though I have decided to join Imo people in their bid to stop the unreasonable attitude of peddling lies in order to bring politicians down to their knees and then demand for settlement, I do not intend to make a case for the Speaker or his office but to unsympathetically analyze situation based on Samuelon Iwuoha’s reposted petition to EFCC and ask whether the right thing was done or not.

As much as I am not against anyone with genuine intention of fighting corruption or anybody writing letters to relevant agencies with verifiable facts in order to expose corruption, the manner Samuelson Iwuoha, is going about his letters leaves a lot to be desired. When Samuelson Iwuoha, first came up with his alleged letter to the EFCC, a year ago, in 2014, knowing that the EFCC will not take him serious, intentionally refused to fellow the laid down procedures for submission of such letters, which requires that the petitioner authenticates his claims by swearing an affidavit and personally submitting the petition to enable preliminary investigation conducted on him as the petitioner.

His inability to appear in any of the probe panels set by the NUJ, IMO YOUTH NETWORK AND THE IMO STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, to prove the truthfulness of his claims, which could also have made his job of exposing corruption easier and the recorded conversation with the Speaker’s Chief Press Secretary, Emeka Ahaneku, which was aired by most radio and television stations in Imo State, where Samuelson Iwuoha was reported to have said that he concocted and fabricated the allegations he sent to the EFCC by email, to get the Speaker to pay him 2 million naira and a Toyota Camry 2004 model car, promising, that if his demands are met, he will personally refute the allegations and project the Speaker. If this was the case, then his actions stands condemned.

I am yet to see in any part of the democratic world where people brazenly and consciously violate fundamental human rights of other citizens masquerading as social commentators. The US or UK who are strong supporters of fundamental human rights would not support blackmail or any action that did not follow due process. The tactics of fabricating outrageous claims to attract people’s attention while going the other way round to negotiate for a ransom was prominent in the PDP era and will not be accommodated by the APC government led by President Muhammadu Buhari who was also a victim of such blackmail.

Buhari, has on several occasions displayed, that he is a democrat who believes in the rule of law. Which he has demonstrated by going to court severally to challenge his past losses at the pool without resorting to self-help or smear campaign against anybody. Back to Samuelson Iwuoha, one tends to ask, if he expects a sophisticated agency of EFCC magnitude to take serious a petition sent through emails and Facebook by an individual well known to the commission as a demented fellow?

It was on record that this same Samuelson Iwuoha wrote malicious petitions against the former Gov.Ikedi Ohakim to the Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and when invited to the commission by the then EFCC Chairman to substantiate his allegations, he pretended to be insane. His inability to prove any of his allegation against the Former.Governor, prompted the EFCC staff who saw him as a demented fellow to push him out of the commission, and shortly before he went to jail for murder and cultism, he openly apologized to the former Governor, saying he was given the assignment to blackmail him by Senator Ifeanyi Ararume.

Like many people have argued, why is samuelson Iwuoha, reintroducing his unsubstantiated EFCC petition one year after he stopped laying claim to it because of his inability to prove or substantiate his claims at that time? Why did he not appear before the various panels probing his allegations then? Did he make demands from the Speaker? Why is he sending pictures of detached duplexes as mansions that what 400.000.000 million naira and above?

Imolites have alleged that the recent bombardment of Imo Speaker spearheaded by the major opposition in the state is political and not unconnected to the rumoured submission of his name as a ministerial nominee from Imo. The Speaker had said he wants allegations against him proved and that he will be willing to resign if one of the allegations are found to be true, but mr.Iwuoha, on his part, has refuse to appear in the public domain to prove his allegations nor Honour any of the numerous invitations extended to him for the same purpose.

In any case, it is wrong for a citizen of Nigeria to be so badly treated by Samuelson Iwuoha. Does he not deserve a little respect and even protection from human rights groups, after all he is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Why is it that Samuelson Iwuoha has continued to fabricate all kinds of things against the speaker and his aides? The right thing must be done.

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