Man Kills Lover Over Bride Price

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/
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Out of frustration and his inability to pay the bride price of his baby mama's family, an ex-vigilante boss, Uche has allegedly killed her and abandoned the woman he once claimed to love dearly.

Trouble started when the suspect was refused custody of his child without paying the requested money to the deceased's family.

An embittered Uche claimed the amount was too much and that he was not going to pay such to formalize his relationship with his long time girlfriend.

Prior to the ugly incident, the suspect had observed that the parents of the girl were not at home, he then stormed their house and attempted to forcefully take his child from his late girlfriend, who resisted.

He then reportedly set ablaze clothes belonging to the lady and their child before leaving.

But two days later, he visited again and asked the girl to come for a discussion in the compound. As they were walking towards the gate, he turned round and allegedly brought out a gun, shot the girl in the chest and bolted.

It was the sound of the gunshot that attracted neighbours to the scene of the incident, but the suspect had already fled while the lifeless body of the lady remained on the ground.

It was reported that Uche was a security guard in GRA area of Onitsha, Anambra State before he met and fell in love with the deceased. He reportedly lost his job in December 2014.