Exclusive: I Haven’t Had Sex For 3 Years—Yoruba Actress, Omotunde Ogundimu

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com
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Remember the Yoruba actress, Omotunde Ogundimu, who was down with fibroid some months and had to undergo surgery to remove it? Well, the lovely actress has since bounced back and is even looking full of life.

She was at an event held recently in Lagos, where Nollywoodgists.com crossed her for some questions.

How have you been since the surgery?
I am okay as you can see except that I am not all that robust anymore. I am now slim but I like it.

Do you wish to go on the big side again?
Well, I liked it then but people say I'm prettier than now. I don't know why, I am aging fast, but I like it the way I am now because I am a bit light, not that heavy. Years ago, when I want to wear clothes, I am always wondering about my tummy, but now, I am free.

During the trying period, did you fear death?
No, I was never afraid of it. I can't even think about that. If I had to think like that, then I am wicked. It is three years now that I lost my husband. If I had to think like that, who is going to take care of my children? They need me and all through those times, they were with me, they encouraged me, talked to me saying, 'mum, you are going to be okay, just stay cool, God is going to heal you and all that.' Here I am today. I wasn't thinking about death then and besides, I am too young to die.

Was it true that you needed more money after the surgery?
Hmm, thank God you have seen me. If you were here last week, I was putting on a very nice gown and a lot of people were like, thank God you are now looking good and better. But it's just that I have not been going to events like that. I wanted to add more weight before stepping out again, but I found out that it was not about gaining the weight, but the way you carry yourself.

How many kids do you have and do you have to remarry?
My first child is going to be 18 in July, the second child will be 16 in June and the third turned 11 in March. On the marriage issue, if God says yes, sure, I will go ahead and remarry but if God says okay o, Motunde O, there is no space for husband again, then I will stay.

But don't you feel any urge for s3x?
The sexual part of it, hmm, I have been without sex for the past three years, so, it is nothing to me, that's the truth. I have been without it for the past three years.

Do you mean men don't disturb you?
People come to disturb me but I just need to avoid them. You know these men out there, it is either they are coming to you because you have something to give them or they just want to have a taste of you and then brag that 'mehn, you see that actress, I am her boyfriend, we are together and all sorts.'
What are you working in now?
I have two jobs at hand now. The reason why I have not gone to location is that I don't have enough money. I need enough money to produce. I don't want to produce a movie of low quality. I want a standard movie; a film I can take to the market and people will say 'yes, you've really done well'. Very soon, I will hit the location.

Why do you do more of Yoruba films than English?
I was recently on location for an English soap opera, though I can't remember the name now. I do English movies too because I can speak good English.