How Guinean Police Officer Assaulted Nigerian Diplomat

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How Guinean Police Officer Assaulted Nigerian Diplomat

Rita Chioma
19:28 (1 hour ago)

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Without respect or regard that he is a vice-consul of Nigeria to their country, the Police officers in Equatorial Guinea recently beat up a Nigerian diplomat, Noah Ichaba, on the street of Bata in Equatorial Guinea.
Mr. Ichaba, was beaten black and blue at one of the country's police checkpoint.
It was gathered that the ugly fracas happened when the diplomat was at a traffic point around Cruce Ntobo roundabout on his way to Cinco market.
According to the man who is still bearing the body pains, he didn't know why the Equatorial Guinea police officer stopped his taxi driver, speaking Spanish.
He said the police officer suddenly, in a high voice, also started speaking to him in Spanish.
Mr. Ichaba said he tried to explain to the officer that he could not understand Spanish and could speak English but this fell on deaf ears as the officers continued shouting until an occupant of the vehicle told him, “Documento! Documento!! Papers!!!”
He said it was at this point he brought out his diplomatic identity card issued by the country's foreign ministry and showed it to the police officer.
“Instead of taking a look at my ID card, he snubbed it and spoke to the driver who in turn; demonstrated by the using his hand to tell me to go down; to which I asked “why”? Adding that the Mercado Cino is my final destination,” Mr. Ichaba said.
He added that by this time the angry police officer had already opened the door of the vehicle demanding that he alight – intending for an arrest.
Mr. Ichaba said, “I asked, why are you arresting me? Then I went on to open my ID card to show him my photograph on it, telling him that I am a Nigerian and that this is a diplomatic card issued by Guinean government, instead, he snatched it from my hand, squeezed it and gave me a sudden slap on my face and pulled me out of the car.”
He said the police officer gave him blow using his head, hands and legs and only stopped when he noticed he was losing strength.
Luckily, following calls put through to the consulate's office, he was taken to hospital where he was treated and discharged the same day.
Nigeria's consulate in the country's office in Bata, through a Note Verbale, condemned the action of the Bata police officer.