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Rival protesters storm PDP national secretariat over party NWC

By The Citizen
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Rival protesters storm PDP national secretariat over party NWC

Rival groups of party supporters stormed the national secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday.

Members of one of the groups under the aegis of the PDP National Renaissance Movement, led by Dr.Ayakeme Whisky, asked for the resignation of the entire National Working Committee.

According to him, the honorable thing for members of the NWC to do after the party's poor outing at the polls was to bow out gracefully.

Whisky said, 'We believe strongly that only the immediate change in the entire leadership of the party at the national level can restore the confidence of our party members.

'We make this demand because the defeat we suffered as a party in the 2015 General Election is an avoidable one caused by internal conspiracy, betrayals and the failure of leadership.'

No sooner had they left than another group under the aegis of PDP Grassroot Forum, came to the secretariat to rally support for the NWC.

Leader of the group, Desmond Adejoh, said calls for the resignation of members of the NWC were coming from hirelings who were desperate to destroy the party.

He explained that the party was built on a foundation of rule of law. He explained that a temporary setback should not be the basis of truncating the tenure of committed party members.

Adejoh said, 'The members of the NWC have a tenure enshrined in the constitution of our great party.

'They are loyal party members and should not be used as scapegoats to justify the failure of others.

'Was it the NWC that was responsible for the loss of states where we had sitting governors? What our party needs now is for all members to come together and rebuild it instead of dancing to the tune of those who do not wish our party well.

'Besides, tenure of the NWC is clearly stated in the constitution. They were elected and should be allowed to serve their terms.' -Punch.