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Gen. Buhari And Challenges Ahead

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In the face of looming problems plaguing Nigeria’s government, it is expected that the President elect Gen Mohammadu Buhari shall defeat all the challenges ahead. Though series of government has come and gone, it is expected of Gen Buhari to correct the wrongs and try as much as possible to carry every geo-political zone along in the share of Nigerian contents. There are many yet-to-do projects that have been moribund that need to be revived. He should remember to cut the high cost of administration, upgrade the Made in Nigerian products, local textile industries including Nkalagu Cement. Affirmative status of the youths and the women must not be plug away. The state creation and other vital bills agreed at the CONFAB. President elect Muhammad Buhari says he will shift attention from the oil sector to the agriculture and mining in order to create more jobs for Nigerians.

Besides, there was a newspaper publication that x-rayed Major Gen. Mohammadu Buhari's statement on capacity to stop Boko-Haram in Nigeria saying "my administration, which will take office on May 29th, will act differently, indeed it is the very reason we have been elected. This must begin with honesty as to whether the Chibok girls can be rescued". Knowing truly that Boko Haram insurgency and Chibok girls’ saga were two veritable tools deployed by APC (All Progressive Congress) party to defeat the ruling PDP (People's Democratic Party). Perhaps, this statement contradicts his campaign manifesto of his unflinching readiness to rescue Chibok girls’ despite circumstances surrounding their hostage.

There are speculations that the whereabout of the Chibok girls are unknown and that he cannot promise they could be found, talk more to determine the state of health or welfare and or whether they are even still together or alive. The military in their official capacity as the strongest force on the land of Africa, said they were able to rescue 200-300 numbers of such girls held at hostage but we are yet to ascertain if the numbers rescued from Sambisa forest are all Nigerian girls. Hence, the military have captured the arena of operation of the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist popularly addressed as terrorists; though the ringleader Shekau is still at large.

Nigerians have expected to be told on clear terms the exact position of these girls. If truly they were rescued, Nigerian Government is expected to consider their health care as paramount, making sure their standard of education is not challenged knowing the high rate of psychological trauma on them. Just like the soldiers that broke the jinx of war to rescue captives, the girls should be celebrated as survivors of Boko-Haram hostage and their families should be compensated for the heartless unwarranted abuse of human dignity against their persons. If it is not illusion of political events that have painted the country’s image black then the press must be permitted to interview the vulnerable children to determine their exact positions. My sympathy is based on the love I have for humanity, the love for this children of God.

The president in waiting said "as much as I will wish to do so, I would be in the position to offer unfounded hope, only to compound the grief if, later, my government find these girls, they cannot match such expectation".

Though campaigns are virtually ended and the elections are over, this type of reaction was indicative of why the administration of the outgoing President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was step aside because of the high level of insecurity, inflation, insurgency and corruption witnessed in Nigeria. We may have been mislead, misgoverned or misinterpreted expecting in high hope the rapid change by Buhari’s administration.

“It is expected that Major Gen. Buhari and all other successful candidates sworn in must sincerely work hand in globe as a family to peddle change as the epicenter of this new administration. Nigeria government in Buhari's second missionary journey as the President, Grand Commander Federal Republic (GCFR) is expected to put in best effort to deliver in a hurry they deserved and long awaited dividends of Democracy. The yearnings and aspirations of the people must not be overemphasized”.

Hence, the president in waiting and his lieutenants shall endeavour to lead by truth, transparency anchored on broom revolution of change. He must apply his enormous wealth of knowledge garnished with military background to restore the lost dignity of our nation. Gen. "Okechukwu Buhari Ndi Imo" is expected not to be sentimental or biased over his ministerial and cabinet appointments. He should be versatile on selection of expatriate and passionate bureau chiefs. He should not see the opposition as people from another world rather seeing them as one united entity. We Nigerian youths are clamoring to upgrade our status in policymaking, mostly on matters concerning the youths. It is expected that Gen. Buhari's leadership templates shall synchronize the aspiration and the yearnings of Nigerian citizens. Though President Jonathan did a lot to heal the wounds of civil war by conceding defeat at a just concluded elections, his mistakes could be corrected by Buhari if his manifesto for a better and sustainable Nigeria could be applicable on security and Conflict, Politics and Governance, National Unity and Social Harmony, Foreign Policy, Economy and infrastructure base, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Health care, Social and Human Capital Development, Youths, Sports and Culture Women Empowerment and environment.

Of course Buhari is expected to be media friendly to allow the FOI bill flourish. It should be very sensitive in constituting the leadership of the senate and House of Representatives despite pressing odds. He should carry along all the six Geo-political zones in his renascent restructuring. But then, mine constituency have requested for one more state and a second Niger Bridge.

Nigerian people have given him mandate to lead by his track record of achievements recorded during his tenure as military President Buhari by my own rating is an exemplary man of the people, his contributions in keeping Nigerian one and united both before

and after the civil war. His stewardship of the defunct North Eastern state where he served as a Military Governor cannot be forgotten so soon. I know Gen. Buhari as a-no-nonsense leader, 1 feel he is an introvert, his words are carefully spoken, and he is not a rabble rouser. He is not a "gut gutter" he believes in justice.

His role as minister of Petroleum and Energy and Chairman of the NNPC during the Obasanjo Military regime can attest to his selfless dedication to the growth of Nigeria. It is true that May 29th, a new government shall take over officially the mantle of leadership and absolute control of power. Our incoming President has a comprehensive programme of moving this country forward and the realization of his noble mission lies as much with the masses and all committed leaders. I am convinced he will sanitize the polity, discard corrupt leaders, and sieve the chaff from the real grain in governance. Nigeria have bunch of intellectuals, high articulating leaders including the progressives waiting for clarion calls. His leadership shall be wholly committed to CHANGE, a leadership that well re-invent government to solve that every day problem that confront the average Nigerian. We are optimistic that Nigeria is going to be respected outside shores of this country under Okechukwu Buhari. We wish him all the best in service. Congratulations our president elect.

By: Onyenwe Princely [email protected] , 08036856526

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