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ADHA Crisis: Two Speakers In An Endless War, Who Wins? Fintiri Or Kundisi? Adamawa People Suffers The Pains

By Tom Garba, Yola
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As the saying goes "when two Elephants are in a battles, the grounds suffers from the blows". This is not really different with the people of Adamawa state who are now the batter unlookers to the unsettle fight over speakership of the 21 law makers in ADHA

The battle of power supremacy of the state Assembly between Hon Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri and Hon Jerry Kundisi is now turning to an endless war of two elephants with a devastating effects to the entire people of the state. It resulted to many asking question to who then is the speaker? Fintiri or Kundisi?

Umaru Fintiri seems to have the public support and controls the house at will because of his pragmatics form of leadership eve when he had the opportunity to be the governor of the state on acting capacity.While Kundisi the longing serving member in the house is no doubt receiving and enjoying the support of Governor Bala Nggilari where the governor officially announced to endorsed the new leadership of the house under Jerry Kundisi led faction.

Also others questions poking in the minds of people is that either these two fighters are not really aware and concious of their limited time they have to hand over the house to the in-coming lawmakers. Dont they have serious matter to discuss at the house plenary? Then who wins? Fintiri or Kundisi? To many either Fintir or Jerry wins at this material time it does not have any political justicatification to the present on going fight and rancor in the two factions.The behaviours of the lawmakers lack common sense which cannot defends the people of the state who they represented.

Fintiri is linked with celebrated names and general known as the "Man of the moment,ATM or Fintiri Ikon Allah" becase of the ardent spirit to fight and support the impeachment of Nyako that paved way for him to become the acting Govenor of the state, immediately convinde the people of the with projects and settleimg of accrued salaries of the state civil servants an act that gave him an edge over Jerry to who they people of the state wants as a speaker.

He succeded in having the loyalty of most of the lawmakers because of his shruds political wisdom.Its these qualities of his made his faction to be more formidable against the faction of Jerry Kundisi which they nicknamed "Government House " speaker,he luck and unlucks the assembly hall at will and decides the activities of the house because of support he enjoys from his colleques and others politician outside the corridors of the state power.

Hon Jerry Kundisi having some few lawmakers with him and enjoys the unchaged endorsement of Governor Bala James Nggilari with goverment house as venue of their planery meetings.Being a long serving member in the state assembly,a lawyer by profession he is know to be a controversial lawmaker who do not believe in dancing to the tune of any body who do not do things by the provision of the constitution.Jerry is much aware of the tricks and in-trigues of what is happeninng in the house since 2003, probabily the only lawmaker that has the wherewithal to convince other for a faction,fearless all the time to call a spade a spade no matter your status.

Many seesJerry's camp to suffer from the general acceptability of Adamawa people because of the envolment of the state governor who they call" slow governor",a tied fixed man that hardly dashes people money,but if he does at all is something nothing to write about.The habit they share in common with Jerry Kundisi making them the two uncelebrated politicians in the state.

Before now there has been a suspicions enemity brewing between Bala Nggilari and Umaru Fintiri over who controls the Madagali politics,their LGA of origin. It is one of these opening Jerry got and he schemed his way to form a faction against Fintiri. Kundisi uses the political fracas between Bala and Fintiri to have his final blow on Fintiri who has been a serious barrier of his dreams as the next speaker in the House of Assembly,accussing Umaru as a braggados and pompos speaker who has been short changing them from the state statutory allocation and constitutional allowances they receive from the state government.

At one point he staged up a story of Fintiri is having plans to impeach Bala Nggilari who iniatially wanted to schemed his way to the Govenmment House when he got the opportunity of impeaching the former Governor of the state,Rtd Admiral Murtala Hamman Yero Nyako who they turned a fugitive in the western country.

At this stage the state expect more of synagy between the executive and legidslature,unity and amongs the serving members to have a peaceful transition and a remarkable hand over to the newly elected lawmakers as most of the serving members did not win in the last elections. No any serious thing is virtually taken place at the house sitting,bills are not passed, no any over sight functions being done by the two struggling house,a fight tha is clearly shown to be a personal and selfish fight that does not have the interest of the common people.

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