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Due to traffic bottlenecks, Lagos residents demand for toilets on highways

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Some residents of Lagos State on Friday called on the state government to provide public toilets on the highways and other strategic locations in the metropolis because of hours spent by them on the traffic.

Those who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) identified such locations and highways to include the Apapa/Oshodi/Oworonshoki expressway, the Lagos/Ibadan expressway, the Ikorodu road, the Lagos/Abeokuta road and the Lekki/Epe expressway.

A pregnant woman, Mrs Ngozi Eberesim, pleaded for mobile toilets along public highways to help commuters in traffic.

Eberesim, who said she was returning from an ante-natal appointment, said that she could not hold back her urine due to her condition and had to urinate in the open.

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"I am just coming from the hospital and I have been in traffic for over an hour. I had to beg the bus driver to stop so I can quickly urinate on the road side.

"Because of my condition, I urinate often and it is dangerous for me to hold back my urine.
"Let the government build toilets at strategic points, especially for people like me, who may be experiencing a similar problem," she said.

A commercial bus driver, who also urinated by the road side, said that because of traffic jams, he was hard pressed and had no choice than to urinate on the road.

The driver, simply identified as Sunday, said public toilets should be made available, at least every 200 metres, to help people, especially travellers, to relieve themselves.

"The traffic has been so terrible due to the fuel problem and people will surely become pressed by nature and they will have no option than to urinate or even defecate along the road, particularly in areas where there are no public toilets," he said.

NAN reported that due to the gridlock on Lagos roads on Thursday, men, women, young and old alighted from vehicles to urinate by the roadside.

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