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Why I'm Scandal Free- Ireti Doyle Reveals

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She is a veteran in Nollywood and stage plays, actress, TV presenter, Iretiola Doyle is indeed an amiable woman who has managed to stay off scandals and controversies in the entertainment industry.

In a recent interview, the proud mother of four reveals how she has been able to stay out of scandal even while married to her colleague, Patrick Doyle.

"My response is, but for the grace of God there goes Ireti. The truth of the matter is that nobody is perfect. We all have our challenges; we all have our weak points. But my policy is this.

I do not live my private life on the public stage. It's not that my husband and I don't quarrel; it's not that we don't have our stressful moments; we just don't do it in public. For some of my colleagues, any kind of publicity, either good or bad, is good publicity. I don't think so. I live my private life privately. That's all I will say."

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Ms Doyle also recalled how her path crossed with Patrick Doyle, she said:"I went for an audition in school; it was in my third year in the university. Patrick Doyle was the producer and director of the play at that time. This was a period of time when schools were shut excessively. Rather than waste my time and wait for school to re-open, I decided to do something meaningful, so I came to Lagos. I did an audition and got a role. I told Patrick that I had interest in writing. I also told him that I could write scripts, so he employed me on ad-hoc basis. I worked with him for about two or three years; he was my boss, then his wife passed on and the rest is history."

Sharing her experience as a mother who started the journey at a tender age, Ireti said, she's now enjoying the fruits of her labour.

"Motherhood! Motherhood has its blessings and it also has its feelings (chuckles). Motherhood has been pretty interesting for me because I was a mother at a very young age. I had my first baby when I was twenty. It's been a learning experience, it's been a labour of love, and it's been very enjoyable.

Regardless of the conflicts and all it takes to mould a young person, all the way up into maturity, nothing describes and can compare to the feeling of accomplishment that you get as a mother. I have a daughter who is 28. She is a graduate and married. She's an entrepreneur in her own right. She owns her own successful business, that she began while she was in school, with her N15,000 allowance. Today, the business is in millions of naira. I'm very proud of her. I consider myself an accomplished mother.

My second son read Mass Communication and just graduated from Babcock University. My third son got into the university last year, and the baby of the house is going into secondary school. So, motherhood has been quite good to me. I don't even see the pains anymore. I just look at these giants and I go 'wow!' How lucky can I be? Who are all these people and where did they come from?' So, it's been worth every single sacrifice I've had to make," she told The Sun.

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