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Dangote Should Invest In Nigeria's Football Instead - Late Nollywood Producer's Daughter, Ruby Igwe

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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When the Nigerian society woke up to the news that Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, was bidding his time to buy English premiereship club, Arsenal FC, many raised confused eyebrows at the news.

This might have prompted the daughter of late Nollywood producer, Amake Igwe, Ruby Igwe to write a thoughtful appealing letter to Dangote in the bid to reinvest in the Nigerian footballing structure instead.

Read excerpts from the letter below:

'Dear Mr. Dangote.

'Of course you should buy the Gunners. It is a sound investment to invest in football, I think financially. And of course in terms of reputation, having a stake in a club is epic. And of course you have the cash. That is indisputable.

'However, I have two propositions for you. Please buy Manchester United instead. Just because. If you do not want to, that's fine.

'But if you have change, after the Gunners, invest in the football in Nigeria. I can assure you that it is not only in the UEFA Champions League, or the English Premier League, or La Liga, or Bundesliga, that you will find good soccer.

'What these leagues have in common is solid financial backing, and solid infrastructure. They have created an internationally celebrated, culturally appreciated, economically viable system.

'Please do Nigeria a favour and invest in the infrastructure of our football. Invest in change. Do not just donate, in case it becomes pocket-oriented. Do not make a local investment. Go hard. Go national. Consult people, including football fanatics, and layout a battle plan.

'Invest in our football and follow your investment until you see the sizable returns that can and will actualize. Invest in generations to come.'

She also highlighted the benefits that the money which she hopes Danagote would invest in Nigeria.

'If you invest in the football in Nigeria, maybe people will feel the way they feel about Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United; about Enyimba.

'Maybe my mates will make good money playing for Nigeria's local and national teams. Maybe watching football and sports live in Lagos and Lafia will become a favourite past time. Maybe we will know more Nigerian players by name and not because of what non-national club they play for.

Maybe there will not be that much traffic every time in Lagos because the stadiums will be packed full. Maybe the clothing and manufacturing industries will be revived by making jerseys and other memorabilia.

'Maybe students can find modes of expression and survival in sports in general, instead of trying to conform to what they are not.

'Nigeria will thank you…'