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After May 29

By Yek Keme
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There is a popular adage with the conscious admonition that often reminds us of the reality that "to whom much is given, much is expected." This rich saying fits well into how anticipated cynics and apologists of General Buhari alike feels about his incoming administration. Nigerians have indeed decided to vote out incompetence in exchange for the hope of voting in credibility, accountability and a government with a human face. To get anything short of this may bring resentments.

Already, Buhari's men are soon quick to play down the change mantra upon which Nigerians were told miracles will start happening once they get into power . Like every discerning mind I have come to ask myself, What is this change really going to be about? I hope we are not sold an illusion? Maybe we wait... . After May 29 the reality check will become more than obvious.

However, to be fair with this incoming government, we shouldn’t be too quick to ask for too much from the man in the eye of the storm, Gen Buhari. There will definitely be challenges but I'm convinced that the politics that brought him to power will demand that it be taken care of. We may therefore need to wait a bit for his cabinet before seeing the real picture.

As we expect all the gimmicks and political antics that will be in full force after May 29, Nigerians most certainly do not want to see a PDP styled facade. Everything with the old regime should go with it.

After May 29, one thing is certainly sure and it is that Nigerians want to truly see that their government promotes people friendly policies. They want actions of government that will ensure that they get 3 square meals daily, enjoy steady and affordable power supply, abolish incessant fuel price hikes , including also lower prices for diesel and kerosene,etc. Among others, Nigerians are hopeful of the availability of conducive and affordable housing.

Giving the poor existential reality Nigerians have been made to live in for 16 yrs of PDP styled democracy, you can now understand why Nigerians want things done "sharp sharp no time for story story...."

Honestly, I only hope Gen Buhari truly understands the full weight of the realities that confronts his Government . Should he muster the moral courage to stand on the side of truth and justice, the Nigerian people will be very quick to forget his antecedent as a former military dictator.

After May 29 we shall truly know if the Gen Buhari led government is indeed a government of the people, for the people and by the people..........

Yek Keme
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