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The Unhealthy Relationship Between Nigerian Lecturers And Students

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For many people, their university period is one of the happiest and life learning lesson of their life. The network that may help reshape your career or future always come from the university. In this article, we are looking at the relationship between Nigerian university students and their lecturers

Students Are Afraid Of Their Lecturers:
In many Nigerian universities, one of the depressing relationship between lecturers and their students is the institutionalisation of fear in students mind. Students are not free to interact with their lecturers and many lecturers portray the image of a demigod in the presence of their students. When fear exist there is relentlessness and inability for someone to express his or her mind.

Many Nigerian lecturers talk to their students in many occasion with disdain and lack of respect. In a perfect world, irrespective of what you are and how society classify or perceive you, every human deserve some element of respect.

The after effect of learning under fear has some psychological effect and can result in long time lack of passion for education. In developed parts of the world, you will come to understand how a lecturer can go to a large extent to bring out the better part of a student.

Remember when a student is afraid of his or her lecturers, the student is always too calm and feels uneasy. Many students will not summon the gut to answer question they know let alone ask about what they don't know.

Sometimes, this are some of the reasons Nigerian students who have graduated are far off getting the fundamental and foundational knowledge from their chosen programme.

Students Being Victims:
We complain so much about how some students bully other students in our primary and secondary schools and every parents have kicked against it and many schools are taking strong measures to reduce or flush it out of their system. But in the case of lecturers and students, forcing a student to do what he or she does not what to do can also be considered as an offence. But we are all doing less to see that this type of evil act is eradicated from our university system.

Some of our lecturers are without a human heart and such lecturers should not be found in a student learning environment because they cause more harm to students than good.

Imagine failing a course that you have worked so hard for just because you did not buy the course hand-out from the lecturer. This is highest level of injustice. Some lecturers also intentionally fail student only for the student to come and pay some money under the table before he or she is passed.

Also, how about ladies who are left with no choice to exchange their dignity for a pass in a course.

Although, the issue of this unhealthy relationship can't be generalised to every Nigerian lecturer out there, but the fact remains that even the pious ones are doing little or nothing to about the ugly situation.