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Writer, Radio and TV Presenter Nana De Souza dies of Cancer in Ghana

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She's simply bold, beautiful and daring, Nollywood's budding actress Joju Muse, fondly called April, is a fast rising actress who rose to limelight, through MNET's popular TV series, Tinsel.
Since then, she has been flying higher in her chosen career, but one thing one can't take away from April, is her bluntness.
She tells every ear that cares to listen how she satisfies her sexual urges with sex toys, instead on clinging to a man to achieve that. "To me, sex is sacred and it's not something you just do or something you just open your legs to do. It's not that easy for me. I would rather do sex toys. Sex has a lot involved. It has emotions, attachments, spirituality. Sex is supposed to be sacred. It's supposed to be a ritual for me. It is a thing two people indulge in because anybody you sleep with, there is a connection. You are connecting with them. Then, how many people are you going to sleep with? How many people do you want to now have sex with? It means if you are going to be delivered, you'd have a lot of bondages to break. That is even more stressful. It means you will fast extra and pray extra and for heaven's sake, you don't even know who your partner has been sleeping with. So, if he now decides to keep two more sexual partners and that partner decides to keep two more extra partners; two extra partners times two more extra partners, you know, it goes a long way. That is why sex is sacred to me and it shouldn't be abused. It's not like I've not had sex before or that I am trying to be holy or something, but it is just from own point of view that sex should be more like a ritual between two people," she boldly stated.
When asked how often she uses the toys to quench that burning desire to be cuddled, April made it clear that she uses it anytime she feels Horny.
"Maybe, two times in a month. And you know that when I mean two times in a month, as a lady, you only get turned on few days before your period and few days after your period. You know, you feel very 'very' horny."
Even as she is fond of sex toys, she still feel sexually attracted to Ramsey Nouah, whom have always had a strong crush on.
" The 'I want to have sex with Ramsey Nouah' stuff doesn't mean I'd just strip him naked and have sex with him. It's just a way a woman feels when she is crushing on somebody. I still crush on Ramsey Nouah till whenever. I've been crushing on him for a very long time and I will still continue to crush on him but that does not mean I would literally strip him naked and pounce on him – Noo! That's the wrong perception people have of me. Women have secret crushes inside but I'm just one kind of person who lets her feelings be known to the world." She said.