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#MySuperStarStory: A Lagos Taxi Driver Ran Away With My Demo CD – MR RAW

- Mr. Raw Reveals Terrible Experience As An Upcoming Artiste
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Mr. Raw is one of the icons of modern Nigerian music and a pioneer of indigenous language hip-hop and rap in the country. Famous for his lyrical wordplay, which incorporates proverbs and mixes Igbo and Pidgin English, he is a widely respected player in the Nigerian music industry.

During a recent #MySuperStarStory interview however, Mr Raw revealed that prior to coming second in the Star Quest music competition, he faced a number of obstacles. In particular, he mentioned an incident with Klint da Drunk when a cab driver who brought them to Lagos for a talent hunt absconded after they left their demo CD in the car.

The situation was saved by a sympathetic studio hand who agreed to transpose their music to a digital format. Soon after, he said, he came second in the Star Quest music show and his life changed forever.

You can watch Mr Raw’s #MySuperStarStory video here

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