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Fans Should Watch Out For My Song With Kate Henshaw—JJC

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Multi-talented and award-winning music producer-cum-musician, JJC, turned 38 few days ago and still basking in the euphoria of it, Abdul Rasheed Bello, his real name and also known as Mr Skillz, shared with his best moments at 38 and his plans towards the unveiling of his new album.

How do you feel turning 38?
Right now, I feel I am finally home. I have been home since 2011, but this year, I feel like I have finally been accepted. My music is doing well, my family is doing well. I feel so happy today as I turn 38; two years more before 40. But I don't intend retiring yet. God is the planner and my life is like a Nollywood movie, while God is the director.

You don't look 38, does that affect you in any way?
A lot of my fans and friends on social media noticed that I have a very crazy life style. I go to the gym a lot, then I swim a lot too. I dance, I sing, I rejoice a lot. I think that is part of what is making me look this young. Some people say I look like a vampire, because I don't get old.

You are a very happy person, what is behind this?
Well, I turned my passion into profession. Something I have always loved doing as a boy. Something I always do for fun, now I am using it to make money and inspire a lot of people. I always feel happy because I know I have achieved something. Even if I am not big, I know I have inspirited and created big artists in the world.

You just clocked 38, looking back, what do you think you have achieved so far?
I have a very good family, supportive friends and wonderful fans. I am blessed! That's all I see.

Do you intend celebrating the party in a big way?
No, I have a bigger event coming up, so I don't want to distract my fans or confuse them with a birthday party. I want the turn up for my album launch to be massive. It has really been a long time, overdue and much anticipated. It would be happening in few weeks. It's an 18 track songs; there are different genres of music in the album.

Who are those you have on the soon-to-be released album?
There is this song I did with Kate Henshaw, I just can't wait to let that song out. What I did with Kate Henshaw is definitely going to blow people's mind. Everybody should watch out for that; Nollywood meets Musichood (laughs.