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Joselyn Dumas Dethrones Omotola As Africa's Sexiest Actress?

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Koffi Shares The Type Of Change He Dreams For

Comedian, Koffi Reveals Nigeria Of His Dreams

Nigerian comedian, 'Koffi The Guru' has joined the wind of change since the announcement of All Progressives Congress aspirant as the winner of March 28th presidential polls. He said Nigerians need the attitudinal change to move the country forward.

He shared his mindset to the effect of change in the country through the message he posted on his mobile phone to all his contacts. He listed the areas to be affected which included education, security, religion.

On the aspect of religion, he said, "If the church or mosque opposite your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighborhood, visit them and say; 'Change sir!'"

On security, he said, "When a police officer stops your car and says, “Oga, anything for the boys?”, tell him, “Change!”."

"At the point of entry of either air or sea port, a custom or immigration official is trying to collect bribe, shout; 'Change!'."

Joselyn Dumas

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Joselyn Dumas