Exclusive: Ga’y Saga; Yul Edochie Speaks, Steven Will Collapse Within One Week--Yul Edochie

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

In wanting to know the real gist of what transpired between Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie and Steven Ugochukwu Nelson Onyebuchi who is claiming the actor is a ga'y and had made passes at him, Nollywoodgists.com decided to balance the story by getting in touch with Yul and his wife who both gave their various encounters with the Steven, who is now blackmailing the family online.

What actually transpired between you and this Steven and the whole ga'y issue?

First of all, it is really pathetic for somebody of my status going through this kind of rubbish its really very sad. This ass hole contacted me on facebook. I am a very calm and quiet person for me to come out on the net and start writing all those kind of things you should know that I am very pissed. I have a wife and children I mean at this stage I will start being gay, am I drunk?

But the guy accused you of being bisexual?

The guy is a psycho. He contacted me about two years ago. He said he is gay on facebook and he loves me and wanted us to date. I said bros, 'I no do this kind of shit, move forward' and he tried and got my number and tried to bug me for a while, called and called and i blocked all his line and that was it. After a few months, he called me again and said that he's gone on the internet and he has found out how to call people with different numbers that I can't block him again. So i said okay, what is the problem? He said he is not telling me anything about gay again that he just wants us to be friends and I said no problem, I can be friends with you but once you start anything gay, abeg leave me, this not my thing, he says okay that he loves me and he loves my films and all that and I said alright, no problem. This guy became my friend, he would call me, we will chat, gist, we will talk and he will ask of my family, like that time dey pass. After a while, he called me because he stay in Canada and said that he would love to do something for my family, I don't know the problem he said he has, that he would love to do something for my family before he dies. I said okay, what is it? He said he wants to help do a Canadian visa for my family just to do papers, sent me a couple of documents that he did for people like that. 'I said bros leave me alone,' I said by the Grace of God, if I want to send my family to any country, I can afford it, let me be. This guy would disturb me, he calls somebody over a thousand times in a day, This psycho called me and called me, I said no problem because he will always call me a snub, saying 'you celebrities are snubs, you people talk to people anyhow' and there is nothing there, so I said no problem, 'speak with my wife, this is my wife's number so you guys can arrange this thing. Before that time, he will send me sometimes, 4000-5000 naira credit into my phone. I said 'bros stop sending me credit, I can buy credit for myself, am not broke, I can buy anything I want to buy' he said 'no that it is just to show love, to show appreciation that there is nothing there' and I said no problem let him not say I am a snub anything that he wants to do fine, I don't snub people but the moment you tell me anything gay that means i won't talk to you again. That's it my guy. He started doing papers, he started organising all those things. He sent my wife somebody's number saying he is a visa agent. My wife organised all those papers and my children's documents and everything and sent to him. My wife even went to I think Ikeja, to write the aptitude test. Immediate after that, I think a week or two after, this guy called me that I should send him picture of my dick. I said ah ah, what's all these rubbish now? He said that, 'ehn, since we can't do anything now, he is in Canada and I am in Nigeria, that I should just send him a picture of my dick that he will be fine.' I said 'my friend God punish your entire generation. I told you when you were doing this whole visa thing, if you are doing this thing because of gay, I am not interested. If I am ready to move my family to anywhere, I have the money to move my family anywhere. My brother, na so all this rubbish start o.

How was he always sending you recharge cards while in Canada and you are in Nigeria?

I don't know o but I think it's this top-up thing, I don't know but some credit will just enter my phone like that. Eze top-up or something. Like that o.

But he said he warned you not to reveal anything online or else he would disclose all that
transpired between both of you?

What he is trying to do is to cover himself. I have a name to protect, I have my father's name. The guy is just trying to pull himself out of this whole mess. His family members called me and were pleading about the whole situation. This is a guy that has been bugging a lot of artistes.

Have you seen him face to face before?

He has been to my place once. He came to my house sometime last year at Gowon Estate. He came to my gate, I saw him. I told you that after that whole thing, we became friends. I don't snub people, I am not Jesus Christ. I don't hate anybody; I don't have time for all that. If you want to be my friend, you will be my friend. He will call me, we talk, he will call me and ask about my family and all that. That was it o, we became close. But I told him that 'if you are doing anything gay, please leave me alone, I can't at this stage of my life be looking for a man to screw, I have better things to do with myself.'

So since the whole scenario happened till date, what has been your wife's reaction over this?

What do you want her to say now? She knows the whole thing started, she has been following it, (laughs). My wife has been following the whole thing. If you want to talk to my wife, I can give her the phone for you to talk to her, she is here. She has been following the whole thing and knows how everything started. So what this guy is trying to do now is to exonerate himself from the whole thing. For you to know how bitter I am, if everything i have said about this situation is a lie, let God strike me dead this night. But if that boy is lying against me, I give him one week, that boy will not survive. He can't be messing with a man like me. You can't just be messing with people. If I am lying against that boy, I swear with my life, this night, if i sleep, let me not wake up. Write it down, record it, post it online say that I said it. For that boy, I am giving him one week, he will not survive. You can talk to my wife, she is here.

At this point, the discussion was now between Nollywoodgists.com and Yul Edochie's wife, May, who tried to give her own account of the whole scenario to the best of her knowledge.

Madam, in as much as it's affecting your husband, your name was also mentioned in the scenario by this Ugochukwu Steven guy that you sent him mails, what do you have to say to that?

Let me just give you the synopsis, my husband has explained to you already. He started disturbing my husband since last year. At some point, anytime he comes home, his hone wrongs from morning till night, I was like who is this person now, he said 'this person is a psycho.' Then eventually, the guy has been begging him (Yul) that let him help his family to get a visa to Canada, my husband said no. Then he said that he is not going to disturb him with the gay thing again that let them just be friends, let him just do something as a friend and a fan. So my husband told me, I thought about it and I said okay, there is no harm in trying. So he sent an agent details through my husband's personal assistant. The agent called me and asked for details and everything, I sent to him all our documents, this was how this guy got our documents. He started the whole visa thing. At some point, he told me that I have to write a test and I went for the test somewhere in Ikeja, I passed the test, I sent it to him. Then along the line, he started with his ga'y rubbish again. Occasionally, he will send some things through my husband's PA that nobody asked him to send. He would send recharge cards or whatever on his own without anybody asking. Of course we can afford to buy any amount of recharge cards that we want but he kept sending to my husband and we have told him, 'stop all this things, it's not necessary,' he continued with his ga'y whatever. Then he kept calling me that in a day, i will get about 750 calls from one human being. Do you know why he was calling me? That I should tell my husband that he responds to his demands. So this thing continued for a long time. I can give you my number that if you call nobody could reach me, all my business partners, nobody could reach me. If you call my number, it will tell you 'number busy' because of this guy for several months until my husband said okay, you have to change your number and he bought another sim card for me, that was how I lost that number. So he couldn't contact me anymore. He now started posting all those pictures and documents I sent to him for the visa stuff online. As we speak, he created a profile on facebook with my document. In fact when I woke up this morning, so many people because they don't have my number anymore because I changed it, they were like please send me your number, I would like to reach you, I was like what is it? They said somebody created a profile using my name and my documents, all my children, everything is there on facebook, my children's documents, my own documents, my certificate, my passport, everything, the guy is just crazy.

You are saying you sent him the document, but he is saying your husband gave it to him directly?

Yes I gave it to an agent in one of this Yoruba state, whether Ogun or something. There are emails, I sent everything, my husband doesn't have time, he is not even interested, he doesn't even know what this visa thing is all about; he does not have time for all of that. I sent them to the agent myself. I sent the hard copy to the agent I think in Ogun state, one Bola but I have forgotten his name. I sent the hard copy to that agent then I sent the soft copy to him. If I check my email, it will still be there. Then the hard copy was resent to me through DHL, the parcel is still with me in my house from Ogun state or wherever the agent is. So I don't even know what the guy is talking about. The guy is just crazy. Two or three days ago, he sent me an email; it's still in my box. He sent me an email of picture with some naked men and all sorts of things and told me that whether he will stop disturbing my husband and start disturbing me something like that. I don't know, okay, look at it this way, if he has issues with my husband, what has it got to do with me? What has it got to do with my children? Okay, this is another way of looking at it, if he has documents, is it right for anybody to post documents, my school certificate is there, my birth certificate is there, my travel documents, is it right? It's not right. Now because his picture is there, he is making noise. Now you don't want your picture to be online but you want others. He did not start this thing today o, if he posts anything on tweeter maybe something disgusting and someone ask him, ah ah, why are you doing this person like this, he will cut the person's picture and put naked picture beside it and do all sorts of things and post it. This thing started since last year not today but his picture came up recently because my husband got fed up when he displayed my own picture that was when my husband got fed up like two or three days ago and posted his own picture, so what is he saying? He started posting these documents long before today. If you go online, you will see them, you will see the date and you will see people's comment and not like we are making all this up or anything. Fine, he said he was going to help to do the visa whatever, we send our documents, does that give him the right to post it? This morning, people started calling me, 'your sensitive documents are online, what is it' in fact somebody had to report that account before even getting to me. The person told me, a friend of mine that immediately she saw it, she knew that maybe it was a scam or something, she reported the account and they blocked it. But that is not the end of it because he can create so many other accounts. He is already chatting with my brother in Germany, he is chatting with people in my contact telling them rubbish. So the guy, something is just wrong with him, he is just crazy.

After May Edochie had expressed her displeasure to NFC over the whole matter and how they have been framed up, her husband who was still angry at the unfolding situation, stood his ground on the effect of what the guy has done to his family.

Yul: Don't mind him; he is trying to look for way to exonerate himself. I have sent his pictures to the Police, Immigration, I have sent it to Canada, I have investigators, I will track down that boy, bring him down here and lock him up. If I am lying against him like I have told you, I swear with my life, let me sleep this night and not wake up, but since that boy is trying to tarnish my image, God will fire him. I give him one week, that stupid boy will collapse. I will bring him down to Nigeria.

Hello, you are saying something sensitive, how will that be possible?

That is to show you how bad it is. If you are messing with me, I can forgive you but not when you are messing with my wife or my children. I give you documents that you want to use to give visa, you take my documents and post online, you are messing with my children and my family. Somebody like me, I have a reputation, I have a family, I have a name, I have my father's name, so far, there hasn't been something bad about me. If you come to my house, i will show you messages that this boy sent to me that he is going to destroy the good name I have, the messages are on my phone, if you come to my place, I will show you the messages. For me to speak like this you then you should know that it is not a joke.