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APC Or PDP: What Is The Difference?

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Since the ruling political party(Peoples Democratic Party) lost its presidential elections to the All Progressives Congress(APC),the massive defection from the former and impeachment notice has created a political room for sycophants to triumph while those that supported the political ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan are now relegated to the political background. General Mohammed Buhari (President-Elect) should know that political sycophants are singing his praises for political positions and nothing more. The same expired politicians that led to the downfall of President Goodluck Jonathan are now seeing the present leadership as the most corrupt in Africa.

It is unfortunate that we have short-sighted social media commentators who are merely flipping through the pages of newspapers to make unguarded comments without investigations. As far we continued to condemn the PDP,freedom of speech is more pronounced in this present government while assassination of politicians is at minimal compared to when former President Olusegun Obasanjo was in power.Today,APC won at the Presidential level in the sense that Nigerians wanted a baton of change in the political setting. Those who claimed to be defecting from PDP to APC are being described as cabalistic capitalists are only interested in enriching their fat accounts than the poor masses. Most of these defectors who are parading themselves as change agents have questionable characters. If Oba of Lagos, Akiolu could descend too low to make such unguarded statement that if Igbos vote for PDP in Lagos, they would be thrown into the Lagoon that indicated the desperation of power by a highly placed traditional ruler.

In Nigeria politics, if any politician continues to remain in power, his political relevance will be respected in all climes. Senator Bola Tinubu was a governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 his political relevance could be felt in South West politics, because he decided to make his political lordship known to all serving and past politicians in the region.Tinubu cannot be like late Obafemi Awolowo, the political leader of the Yoruba land who laid strong political foundation for his people. Lagos State has been hijacked by powers that be over the years which Mr.Jimi Agbaje is the only man that can bring impressive leadership to Lagosians in all ramifications. The exodus of defection from PDP to APC is not new in Nigeria because these expired and unelectable politicians are no longer relevant in PDP than seeing APC as a rescue mission party for stomach survival.

However, Lagos politics should not be run as dynasty but the will of the people should be prevailed if President Goodluck Jonathan could concede victory by calling GMB (President-Elect) on phone, then Nigerian politicians should learn from history.USA prediction would have come to past if Jonathan disagreed on the electoral result which was marred with irregularities.Lagosians are tired of APC leadership which has been characterised with political undertone and voters are ready to vote out weak and wicked leaders out of power come April 11,2015.

A country full of professors could be ruled by illiterates without any political will. There is nothing wrong with the PDP but the members are the root cause of the party.Jimi Agbaje is a right candidate to be voted for in Lagos State and Ambode is not left out but Lagosians are voting for credibility not education. We cannot say here that 16 years of PDP was a total failure, then former President Olusegun Obasanjo who now parades himself as elderstateman was one of the most corrupt President ever elected. Senator David Mark must be commended for not thinking of moving from PDP to APC and still remains a card carrier of the party. For instance, Emma Ayiri of Delta State, Dr.Saraki Bukola and others were beneficiaries of PDP only to be identified with the central government in power. The PDP defectors across the 36 states of the federation are wasted products with no direction.

Finally, Nigerians should not be deceived by these disgruntled elements called politicians trying to satisfy their needs not conscience. Do we still have human rights activists in Nigeria? It was so shameful recently when a renowned lawyer could be defending a notable political criminal in the South west who has singlehandedly stolen the wealth of the region and claiming to be the Nigerian change political agent in the country. The wealth of this nation is shared among few. Whether we liked or not President Goodluck Jonathan has made political history and has reached his political height which no Nigerian President has attained in life.GMB is not a magician or miracle leader that will turn Nigeria overnight. Nigeria is yet to be fully democratised like the Western world.Buhari recently said APC is the government of the people not ruling party. If we start probing Nigerian politicians with fat accounts, then Tinubu, Saraki, Olabode George, Fashola, Ameachi.Rochas and others must make the lists of corrupt leaders not PDP only. If Buhari cannot manage his political fame very well, thesame people that helped Jonathan to presidency will also his bring leadership to the lowest ebb. The political ideology of President Goodluck Jonathan to create free and fair polls in Nigeria and nothing more. It is time for Nigerians to pray towards a successful transition of the present government.

Godday Odidi
Mindset Media Limited

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