Tribalistic Comments: I Never Knew The Oba Had Made a Comment...Kunle Afolayan

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor and film maker, Kunle Afolayan has been in the news but this time not for a good reason after he had attacked the Igbo speaking community on piracy of Nollywood movies.

Though the actor had since apologized over his statement on his social media handle, fans are still yet to come to terms with him as he had received many response by fans and friends in the industry.

Responding to questions in a recent interview, the actor explained that it was so unfortunate that his comment was coming on the eve the Oba of Lagos made incisive tribalistic comments about the April 11 governorship elections in the country which he never knew.

According to him, “we were in South Africa two weeks ago and I was there with the distributor and he got a text from someone saying that the package for October 1 is ready in Alaba and they are going to release it on Monday. And this is a film that we haven't even scooped half of our money. Immediately, everybody got worried because there were quite a number of us there and we started putting calls through. I started calling people in authority but all of these have happened in the past. AY's film got pirated, 'Half a Yellow Sun' got pirated, what happened, nothing happened after that. Then we got back to Lagos, the day I sent that tweet, I had a pirate right in front of me and the guy was flaunting my film in my face saying, 'this is confirm' and i was like why and i said to him that 'do you know what you are doing is wrong' and you know, sometimes, they harass you and some of them, when you cease it from them, they run because they know that what they are totally doing is wrong. So I was overwhelmed.”

Saddened about the comment the Oba made, the actor stated that he was not even aware of the comment made by the Oba rather he was just bitter about what had happened.

“It's a shame that it came by this time. I wasn't even aware of the Oba's comment or anything going on. I was just bitter and i was bitter because my distributor who is lamenting to me is Igbo and he is having confrontation with his brother,” he told channels TV.