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Nollywood Hits Market With ‘Sai Baba’ Movie

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Ex-model and TV presenter, Ronke Apampa, has called on young aspiring models not to have a wrong motive of wanting to make quick money with modelling as she has had some bad experience while delving into that line of fashion.

The on-air-personality disclosed that at age 18 when she took to modelling, she was exposed to some certain things she was not meant to see at her age but for the good upbringing, she was not swayed into taking some wrong steps.

Ronke revealed that some ladies who take to modelling do lots of things to achieve stardom by allowing themselves to be used.

“As a young model, if I didn't have the kind of upbringing that I had that my parents satisfied me with everything, one would be tempted to look outside and do things that one was not supposed to do. Some people were busy pimping girls and I saw a lot of things at 18 that I was not supposed to be exposed to but I was ready for it. So many things happen in the modelling industry but I wasn't swayed by them all because of my upbringing,” she said.

She called on parents to have good relationship with their children so as to enable them have the freedom of always coming close to them to share their personal problems.

“Parents need to instil discipline in their children and should have a good relationship with them so that they can be able to tell them everything. My parents were very supportive of me and that helped a lot. I would love my child to be a model but she doesn't want to be one. There is nothing wrong with modelling as a career, just don't go into it with a wrong motive or be greedy to make money, especially from men. Go into modelling because you have passion for it,” she told tribune.