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Gbenga Adeyinka Lists 10 Reasons He Wants Change In Lagos State

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/
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One of Nigeria's foremost ace comedians, Gbenga Adeyinka, who is still basking in euphoria of Gen. Buhari's victory is canvassing for better government in Lagos state.
The rib cracker sent out a broadcast message early this morning, listing out 10 reasons why Lagos cannot afford to be in the opposition again.
His reasons are;
1. Federal Government is owing Lagos several billions of Naira. Lagos needs to be in sync with FG to get this paid.

2. All abandoned FGN buildings can be put to better use. FGN can be persuaded to embark on urban renewal and build new towns in Lagos as done in the Shagari era.

3. Lagos deserves Special Status as Economic Capital of Nigeria.

4. 70% of Nationally collected VAT is from Lagos. Yet Lagos gets no preference from FG when sharing.

5. Lagos hardly benefit from Ecological funds. Even though it needs it more than any other state.

6. The only reason why Lagos residents are not enjoying 24hrs power is because it has been in the opposition. Lagos has the capacity to build IPP for Lagosians and deliver 24hrs power in a matter of 2 yrs.

7. PDP will only reverse the trend of progress. We have seen what they can do at the FG level.

8. Federal Roads and bridges in Lagos need rehabilitation

9. All tribes are represented in Lagos and the social facilities are stretched thin.

10. Prosperity of Nigeria is tied to the prosperity of Lagos. This is Common sense politics.

Vote APC. This is our chance to get what we really deserve.
Let's spread the word. APC in Lagos will complete the CHANGE Revolution.", he wrote.