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If there is somebody that is really making it big as far as the entertainment industry is concerned for now, it's definitely Hip-hop act, Adedeji Olamide, famously addressed as 'King Badoo'.

The YBNL crooner came from nowhere, a struggling artiste, to become a superstar and his impact was felt by music pundits both within and outside the country.

However, the highly revered artiste have a nasty habit of drinking.

The talented rapper love with alcoholic drink is getting worrisome as he consume and brings it out at the slightest opportunity without giving a hoot about the place, time, who is around or who is watching.

A concern party who prefers to remain anonymous revealed thus:

' Olamide drinking habit is getting out of hand and we pray he doesn't end up like those entertainers that ends up their life in a controversial manner all because of their drinking habit.

Have been on set of his musical videos close to four times and I was marveled at the way he consumes alcohol. He cannot even perform on stage without the intake of alcoholic drinks.

In fact, he has even graduated to flaunting this act in most of his musical videos and the ones he featured on.

Those that were sitting next to him at the just concluded 2014 Headies Awards were practically stunned at his love for hot drinks. He got to a point that he was so drunk and he started misbehaving. The climax of the whole show of shame was when he was called on stage to receive his plaque as the Best Rap Album Artiste of the year; he went on stage with a cup filled with alcohol.' The source squealed.

The source further divulged that ' we know drinking and getting high to enhance their performances is part of the game but he needs to slow it down a little more as thousands of youth look up to him as their role model' the source concluded.

Although, he has the right to live his life the way it pleases him, however; he needs to put into consideration the health implications of his act.

A word they say is enough for the wise.