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Dr Sid's Wife Stuns In Baby Shower (Photos)

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Controversial singer and social media freak, Maheeda, has disclosed that she is not a perfect being by showing off her bad sides on social media as heart burns when she does that.

Overtime, the singer has continued to post raunchy pictures and videos on her social media which has left some fans liking it and some criticizing her yet the show goes on. Her actions are best understood by her but what Maheeda knows best is that she will not hesitate to block anyone who is does not like her personality.

Maheeda explained that she continues to get private messages of people trying to talk to her but has now found joy in proving to her fans that nobody is perfect as people plan their lives the way they feel is perfect.

“Truth is i get this kind of private questions a lot from ladies and i only have to show them that i'm not perfect, by showing some of my imperfections, instead of being picture perfect always on instagram, i felt guilty!! But i feel better now that i proved to them that nobody is perfect we just make up our lives to suit what we imagined perfection should look like. Please learn to accept your imperfections especially when you can do nothing about it! Just be easy on yourself, give yourself the grace, love yourself and be not ashamed of you. Change for no one, but yourself because you can never satisfy everyone. I love you just the way you are.” She wrote.

satisfying everyone is impossible