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Breast Cancer Treatment Centers In India You Can Trust

Breast Cancer - 91-9371136499
Breast Cancer - 91-9371136499
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The number of patients suffering with breast cancer is increasing. The type of cancer is second reason for women leading to death. To elucidate more about Breast Cancer is a state when the cells of lobules grow and multiply itself in abnormal and uncontrolled manner. Gynecologists say that tumor formation is prone to lobules and ducts of breasts. Various tests viz. mammogram, biopsy, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans are done in-order to analyze whether changes in breast of an individual is because of tumor and even has it metastasize itself to other parts of body.

Staging is important part of treatment of breast cancer. the categorizing of cancer will help in giving better outcomes and deciding the type and combination of treatment type
• Imaging-
• Sentinel node biopsy
• CT-guided needle biopsy

Treatment methods for breast cancer are invented and non surgical methods are only useful at early stages but if the unhealthy cells are seen traveling surgical options are to cure the progressivity of cancer. Along with the removal of tumor from the breast, the spread of cells in body is treated by

following techniques
• Systemic chemotherapy – this circulates overall body destroying cancer cells.
• Radiation therapy- reduces size of tumor
• Cryosurgery
• Hormone therapy
• Biological therapy

Breast cancer treatment in India is at low cost and the treatment standards are matching to world class hospitals. (Email - [email protected] ) If going for the same surgery in developed parts of world like United States of America or UK you need to trice the amount, in that of India. The international patients save up to 50 % even after traveling and accommodation expenses, without compromising in the quality of standards for each and every aspect whether it is traveling arrangement or stay. No waiting lines in Indian hospitals as appointments with the best doctor and surgeons are fixed prior. These all arrangements are done by medical tourism companies which helps international patients to plan best treatment in India.

Forerunners healthcare consultants are best medical tourism consultancy in India. Working with aim to provide exemplary medical services to foreign patients in searching best option for hospital, surgeons etc. This is followed by medical opinion from empanelled doctors and surgeons, then selecting one of them with comprehensive treatment. Travel arrangements, hotel stays, appointments etc are responsibility of the team. The patients just have to relax as all planning is done by expert, to deliver satisfactory result. The patient will return hometown healthier.
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