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"Jonathan, Ribadu will not get my votes,I will work against PDP in Adamawa......If they like let them expel me"- PDP stalwart

By Tom Garba, Yola
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One of the strong voice in People's Democracy Party (PDP) in Adamawa state, Hon.Musa Kamela said he will never cast his vote for President Goodluck and his state PDP gubernatorial aspirant, Malam Nuhu Ribadu in the forth coming elections even as a card carrying member of the party,he lambasted the administration of Jonathan of achieving nothing,describing the transformation agenda of this administration as "vague and meaningless without achieving any result".

Musa further accused the ruling party of breaking the norms enshrined in party and introduced all form of imposition which do not respect the values of internal democracy in the party,as such he will not cast his votes to the party he belongs to rather he will votes against PDP and do any thing possible to support opposition party to win in Adamawa state.

"President Goodluck Jonathan and Ribadu will never get my votes, I rather work against PDP the party I holds her membership card,if they like let them expel me or accuse me of any anti party activities". Kamale said

Kamale who also said that the recent second coming of President Jonathan in Adamawa has further popularise PDP into wider faction as many of the ailing members who were disenfranchised of the previous "kangaroo" primaries held in Abuja category told Mr President of not voting for PDP from top to bottom until serious reconciliation has taken place.

" The second coming of Mr President do not holds any water as many purport it to be so, I was there as an MC of the meeting,no reconciliation of any sort has taken place,it was three issues that Mr president talk about,one ,that all ailing members who were disenfranchised to withdraw any court case against the party,two that all PDP members should make sure they work for PDP from top to bottom and thirdly they should forgive."

"At the very venue some of the aggrieved members confidently told Jonathan at the meeting that they can only vote for him but to canvass votes for imposed Ribadu they cannot do it."Musa added.

Kamale attributed the problems in Adamawa politics to Governor Bala who he calls a stooge who do not know the value of people and the office he holds, he said that Bala is neglecting his duties as a Government and became a begger of wanting to be a Governor even as a sitting Governor and with this kind of attributes of him I doubt it much to say Nuhu and Bala will win in the forth coming elections.