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Silent Tears Of An Actress: Why Omoni Oboli Cries All The Time

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/
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Celebrities are also human and have course to shed tears in their closets. In this very touching piece Nollywood actress AKA Mama boyz, Omoni Oboli, explained how she shed tears over loss of endorsements and other inner pains.

She also talked about how she has managed to cope with failures, rejections and even loss. She says it has been only God who has helped her through even when things seem too difficult.
According to what she penned down, “I once heard a story about someone who fell into a pit and was hanging on to a branch, which was holding him from falling all the way down. In his fear, he cried out for someone to help him. He heard a voice call out to him. Excitedly, he asked, 'who's there?'. The voice answered, 'It's me God'. He was very happy! 'Oh thank you God, if anyone can help me, it's You!' 'Ok my son' God replied. 'Let go of the branch'. 'Let go of the branch?' He asked incredulously. 'Yes son, let it go'. He looked down and saw a never-ending black hole. 'Help,' he cried. 'Is there anyone else up there?”

“Many times in our lives things happen that we don't understand. You are just about to get a big job, or a business deal and at the last minute it doesn't fall through. You cry out in your frustration to God and don't seem to get a favourable reply. I cannot tell you how many times I've been so close to a deal, I could literally smell the money and pecks that come with it, only to have it pulled out from under me.

“I have cried real tears of frustration and mourned those jobs and deals, sometimes for weeks, wondering why. All things work together for good, right? What is the good in a deal that will bring good money and perks just going away like that? What is the good in losing a loved one? When I lost my mom, I just couldn't get it! What could the good be?!!! It's been almost 13 years and I dare say I don't know what good came out of it but over the years, I have come to let go and let God.”

“Many times, a much bigger and better deal comes that wipes the tears of the deal I lost. Other times, nothing comes but I have learnt to trust that He knows what's best for me and he makes all things beautiful in His time. It doesn't mean I don't hurt or even cry (yeah, I cry about stuff like that. I am human after all…lol!) but after wiping my tears, I tell myself 'it's working for my good'. It always is all part of God's grand plan for my life. I am not perfect. Far from it! I make mistakes everyday.”

“Sometimes they are not even mistakes, I do the wrong thing knowing fully well that it is wrong but hoping it won't matter in the end. I just came by to encourage someone including myself that if we could just let go and let God, all things will work together for our good. Sometimes, the 'good' might not be what we had hoped for or envisaged, but because none of us knows tomorrow, it's still best to let go and let God! Don't forget to leave your comments or share your own experiences. I am loving them! Love always!”