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I Regret Not Being Able To Provide for All My Children...Pastor Felix Liberty

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

If you were born in the 80s and even late 90s then there's no way you don't know this song, “Ifeoma Ifeoma Ifeoma, I want to marry you” all the time growing up in a Nigerian household which was sang by now born again pastor, Felix Liberty.

Felix during his time in the limelight was known as a ladies man, and interestingly released songs like, “ChiChi”, “Ada” and “Ngozi” to the toast of many ladies. Shockingly, at the tale end of his musical prosperity, the die was cast and God arrested the singer by calling him to his vine yard.

The singer who was once a devoted Muslim in an interview with Vanguard, explained that working for God was not easy for him as he was faced with lots of prosecution and various temptations but was able to scale through with the help of God.

Speaking on how he was able to covert from being a Muslim to a Christian, the now Pastor noted that he still loves Islam but had no choice because he was called by God.

“I was once a very strong and devoted Muslim. I love Islam and I still love it till tomorrow. Religiously, I am a Muslim. Religion is a way man relates to his God but salvation is God calling you back to himself. No man can get salvation except God approves it, but you can be a religious man if you want to,” he said.

Pastor Felix in visualizing the current trends of the Nigerian music industry, stated that despite the fact that he is a pastor, he still has lots of songs yet to be released but waiting for God's approval to do so and would love a collaboration with the emerging artistes to use them in glorifying God.

According to him, “I have so many songs that are yet to be released. But I'm just waiting for God to bring people that will collaborate with me. I will be doing songs that will bring sinners back to God. I will love to go into collaboration with these emerging artistes, but it has to be songs that will glorify God. I am a man under authority at the moment.”

Meanwhile, the singer despite finding peace in what he now does, regretted the fact that he is not able to take care of all the children his various women had for him which will definately affect their future.

In his words, “There are so many things I didn't do right, and I have asked God to forgive me. The issue of having children here and there was a very bad mistake I made. My regret till date, is my inability to provide love, care and financial support to all of my children. You cannot bring a child into this world and you can't take proper care of him. You cannot bring a child into this world without showing him enough love.”

“Every child has a right to his own destiny, and his destiny will be fulfilled through the love and care you have shown to him. And all these things I didn't have them and it hurts. I was just like a fool who believed he was a superstar. There was nothing in me at all. Any man who does not know Jesus is not fit to live,” he noted.