I Can’t Spend About 5 Million on Video and Beg For Endorsement...Brymo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nigerian singer, Brymo, has disclosed that making of music videos does not guarantee a successeful career as it is being percieved in Nigeria.

The singer while discussing with Ynaija explained that making videos does not mean there will be more profitability or visibility and as for him, he is not in a rush to make any video for his songs because he still has more time to decide what he wants.

“Who said that the video is the best way to guarantee profitability or visibility? That is just a norm that society has come to accept because artistes that can be said to be the biggest make mad videos. My not doing so doesn't change the fact that the music is good. I have consistently put out some of the best albums in a year period. And I am only saying this because it is what people understand. You need to brag and say you did stuff for it to catch on. I'll be 29 in May. I have all the time in the world to keep making music year in year out. That way, the pedigree will grow and people will know that you do this and have been doing it for a while. And for me that is more important than approaching life like there is only one opportunity and once you catch a break, cash out like there won't be another. I prefer to approach my career record by record,” he said.

The singer noted that he will not be ready to spend 3-5million naira on a music video and return to people's home to start begging for shows and endorsement deals because if his music is good, without videos he will still be appreciated.

According to him, “Is this interview about me not shooting music videos? Look at it this way, if you are tuned into the global scene, you would notice that there are some country music singers and rock artistes who do not shoot a lot of videos, they release an album once in a while and they still shift millions of copies. It is my music and I think it is my right to determine how I want my exposure to come; that is one reason. Another is if I splash 3-5million Naira on a video, don't you think I would like to get the money back? After splashing that money, would I still be expected to go to someone's house and lobby for gigs or endorsements? Because that is what will happen at the end of the day. I want to be in control of my finances so I can redirect them if I have to make a video. Third reason is that I want to come up with the best concepts for my videos so they can represent the songs in the best way but I admit that I don't always come up with these perfect ideas so I have to leave them alone for a while till I am ready.”